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The Future of Batterer Programs: Reassessing Evidence-Based Practice
Published by Texas Council on Family Violence

This session will review the main points from the recently published book, The Future of Batterer Programs: Reassessing Evidence-Based Practice. In particularly, the author will review the debate over batterer program effectiveness and the evidence-based practice movement that underlies it. Also, research on alternative treatment approaches, risk management, and coordinated community response will be briefly noted.

Edward W. Gondolf
Edward W. Gondolf, EdD, MPH, is the former research director for the Mid-Atlantic Addiction Research and Training Institute (MARTI) based at Indiana University of Pennsylvania (USA). He has conducted research on the response of the courts, mental health practitioners, alcohol treatment clinicians, and batterer treatment programs to domestic violence. His most prominent book Batterer Intervention Systems (2001) summarizes a seven-year evaluation of batterer intervention systems in four cities...More
Originally Published
November 1, 2012

Program Titles and Supporting Materials
This program contains the following components:
  1. The Future of Batterer Programs - Video
  2. The Future of Batterer Programs - Audio
  3. The Future of Batterer Programs - Paper

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