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Women Veterans and Ten Years of War
Published by Texas Council on Family Violence

This Webinar will address the multitude of issues affecting women veterans and provide recommendations for how to provide the type of support, advocacy and intervention that is most helpful. Advocates will gain knowledge on how trauma of victimization intersects with the trauma of combat exposure and what that means for recovery and healing.

Glenna Tinney
Military-Advocacy Program Coordinator - Battered Women's Justice Project
Glenna Tinney, MSW, ACSW, DCSW, Captain, US Navy (Ret.), Military Advocacy Program Coordinator for the Battered Women’s Justice Project. Glenna served in the Navy for 24 years working with military families and managing worldwide family violence and...More
Dr. April Gerlock
Consultant - Gerlock Consulting, LLC
Dr. Gerlock is an adult psychiatric advanced registered nurse practitioner and research scientist. She is a clinical associate professor with the University of Washington, School of Nursing. Dr Gerlock has published a range of articles pertaining to...More
Originally Published
August 14, 2013

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