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OIM: Hotline Skills
Published by Texas Council on Family Violence

Hotline Advocates are often the first connection victims make when seeking services, and, as such, they are responsible for setting a tone that conveys the program is a safe, welcoming, and accessible resource. This webinar is designed to assist Advocates in developing and enhancing their skillset in responding to the complexities of family violence through hotline calls.

Meets HHSC Rule Requirement - ยง379.404. cont. (c) Direct service employees and their supervisors must also receive training on the following: (2) Hotline skills, if applicable;

Please note that certificates will be provided only to those individuals who registered and logged into the webinar online.

Mikisha Hooper
Originally Published
April 24, 2014

Program Titles and Supporting Materials
This program contains the following components:
  1. OIM: Hotline Skills - Video
  2. OIM: Hotline Skills - Audio
  3. OIM: Hotline Skills - Paper

How To Attend
Join the self-paced program from your office, home, or hotel room using a computer and high speed internet connection. You may start and stop the program at your convenience, continue where you left off, and review supporting materials as often as you like.

Technical Requirements
All you need is a computer with high-speed internet access and the required free Adobe Flash Player.
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If applicable, you may obtain credit in multiple jurisdictions simultaneously for this program (see pending/approved list below). If electing credit for this program, registrants in jurisdictions not listed below will receive a Certificate of Completion that may or may not meet credit requirements in other jurisdictions. Where applicable, credit will be only awarded to a paid registrant completing all the requirements of the program as determined by the selected accreditation authority.

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